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Medical Source Pharma is able to provide different types of medicinal products. Our portfolio consists of all the products that would usually be available in a pharmacy and the product database holds more than 10 000 branded product names and the number keeps increasing. The most popular names are available in the table below. Regarding any other product that is not available on the list, please Contact us.

Products Manufacturer
Abilify 10mg Abdi Ibrahim
Abilify 15mg Abdi Ibrahim
Abilify 30mg Abdi Ibrahim
Abilify 5mg Abdi Ibrahim
Abilify 1mg/ml Abdi Ibrahim
Accuzide 20/12.5mg Pfizer
Accuzide 20/25mg Pfizer
Aclasta 5mg/100ml Novartis
Acnelyse Cream 0.001 Abdi İbrahim
Acort 850mg/15mg Tripharma
Actifed 60/2,5mg GlaxoSmithKline
Actifed Syrup 30 mg/1.25 mg GlaxoSmithKline
Activelle 1/0,5mg Novo Nordisk
Actonel 35mg Sanofi Aventis
Actonel 75mg Sanofi Aventis
Actos 15mg Takeda
Actos 30mg Takeda
Acuitel 5 mg Pfizer
Acuitel 20 mg Pfizer
Acular LS 0.004 Allergan
Adalat Chrono 30mg Bayer
Adalat Chrono 60mg Bayer
Adempas 0,5mg Bayer
Adempas 1mg Bayer
Adempas 1,5mg Bayer
Adempas 2mg Bayer
Adempas 2,5mg Bayer
Advantan Cream 0.001 Bayer
Advantan Fatty Ointment 0.001 Bayer
Advantan Ointment 0.001 Bayer
Aerius 2,5 mg/5 ml Schering-Plough
Aerius 5 mg Schering-Plough
Afilta 20mg Zentiva
Afinitor 10mg Novartis
Afinitor 5 mg Novartis
Aklovir 200 mg Sandoz
Aklovir 800 mg Sandoz
Aklovir 200mg/5ml Sandoz
Aklovir 0.05 Sandoz
Aldactazide 25 mg/ 25 mg Pharmacia Upjohn
Aldactazide 50 mg/ 50 mg Pharmacia Upjohn
Aldactone 100mg Pharmacia Upjohn
Aldactone-A 25mg Pfizer
Aldara Cream 0.05 3M / Meda
Aleve 220 mg Bayer
Alimta 500mg/50 ml Lilly
Alka- Seltzer 324 mg Bayer
Allegra 180mg Sanofi Aventis
Allergodil 0,14 mg Tropon GMBH
Allergodil 0.0005 Tubilux Pharma S.p.A.
Alomide 0.001 Alcon
Aloxi 250mcg/5ml Helsinn Birex
Alphagan P 0.0015 Allergan
Alrinast 2,5 mg/5 ml Ilko Ilac
Alrinast 5 mg Ilko Ilac
Altuzan 100mg/4 ml Roche
Altuzan 400mg/16 ml Roche
Amaryl 1 mg Sanofi Aventis
Amaryl 2 mg Sanofi Aventis
Amaryl 3 mg Sanofi Aventis
Amaryl 4 mg Sanofi Aventis
Amikozit 100mg/2ml Zentiva
Amikozit 500mg/2ml Zentiva
Amlodis 10mg Zentiva
Amlodis 5mg Zentiva
Anafranil 10 mg Novartis
Anafranil 25 mg Novartis
Anafranil SR Divitab 75 mg Novartis
Andazol Suspension 200 mg/10 ml Biofarma
Andorex Gargle %0,15/%0,12 Pharmactive
Andorex Spray %0,15/%0,12 Pharmactive
Androcur 100 mg Bayer
Androcur 50 mg Bayer
Angeliq 1 mg / 2 mg Bayer
Antabuse 500 mg Dumex
Antepsin 1.000 mg Bilim
Anti-bit Shampoo 0.004 Zentiva
Apidra Solostar 100 IU, 3 ml Sanofi Aventis
Aranesp 10mcg Amgen
Aranesp 100mcg Amgen
Aranesp 20mcg Amgen
Aranesp 30mcg Amgen
Aranesp 40mcg Amgen
Aranesp 50mcg Amgen
Aranesp 60mcg Amgen
Aranesp 80mcg Amgen
Arava 10mg Sanofi Aventis
Arava 20mg Sanofi Aventis
Arcalion 200mg Servier
Arcapta Neohaler 150mcg Novartis
Aria-Des Syrup 2,5mg/5ml Pharmactive
Aricept 10mg Pfizer
Aricept 5mg Pfizer
Aricept Evess 10mg Pfizer
Arimidex 1mg Astra Zeneca
Aromasin 25mg Pfizer
Artril 400mg Zentiva
Artril 600mg Zentiva
Artril Gel 0.05 Zentiva
Asacol 800 mg Wulfing Pharma
Asacol 500mg Wulfing Pharma
Aspirin 500 mg Bayer
Aspirin Paediatric 100 mg Bayer
Aspirin Plus C 400mg/240mg Bayer
Atacand 16mg Astra Zeneca
Atacand 32mg Astra Zeneca
Atacand 8mg Astra Zeneca
Atacand Plus 16/12.5 mg Astra Zeneca
Atarax 10 mg/5 ml UCB Pharma
Atarax 25 mg UCB Pharma
Atrovent 250mcg/2ml Boehringer Ingelheim
Atrovent 500mcg/2ml Boehringer Ingelheim
Augmentin 400mg/57mg GlaxoSmithKline
Augmentin500 mg-125 mg GlaxoSmithKline
Augmentin 875 mg-125 mg GlaxoSmithKline
Augmentin 200mg/28mg GlaxoSmithKline
Augmentin 600 mg - 42,9 mg / 100 ml GlaxoSmithKline
Aurorix 300 mg Deva
Aurorix 150 mg Deva
Avamys 27,5 mcg GlaxoSmithKline
Avelox 400mg Bayer
Avil 22,7mg Sandoz
Avodart 0.5mg GlaxoSmithKline
Avonex 30mcg/0,5ml Biogen
Azilect 1mg Lundbeck
Azopt 0.01 Alcon
Azro 500 mg Zentiva
Azro 200mg/5ml Zentiva
Baclan 75mg Bayer
Bactrim 400 mg/80 mg Deva
Bactrim Suspension 200 mg/40 mg Deva
Bactrim Forte 800 mg/160 mg Deva
Barca SR 600mg Abdi İbrahim
BD Micro-Fine Plus Penta Point 32G(0,23x4 mm) Becton Dickinson
BD Micro-Fine Plus Penta Point 31G(0,25x5 mm) Becton Dickinson
BD Micro-Fine Plus Penta Point 31G(0,25x8 mm) Becton Dickinson
Beloc 5 mg/5 ml Astra Zeneca
Beloc Durules 200mg Astra Zeneca
Beloc Zoc 100mg Astra Zeneca
Beloc Zoc 25mg Astra Zeneca
Beloc Zoc 50mg Astra Zeneca
Bemiks 10/2/2/0,003/20/2,5/5mg Zentiva
Bemiks Compose 25/2/5/8,6/50mg-2ml Zentiva
Bemiks-C 25/10/10/0,03/100/100/1,5/25/0,15mg Zentiva
Benexol B12 250mg/250mg/1mg Bayer
Ben-Gay Ointment 10% - 5% Johnson & Johnson
Benvida 100mg Aesica
Benvida 150mg Aesica
Benvida 200mg Aesica
Benvida 50mg Aesica
Benzamycin 40g/1,6g Sanofi Aventis
Bepanthen 100mg Bayer
Bepanthen IM/IV/SC 500mg/2ml Bayer
Bepanthen Plus %5 + %0,5 Bayer
Betaferon 9,6 MIU (3 ml) Bayer
Betaserc 24 mg Abbott
Betaserc 16 mg Abbott
Betaserc 8 mg Abbott
Betnovate 0.001 GlaxoSmithKline
Betnovate Cream 0.001 GlaxoSmithKline
Betnovate Hair 0.001 GlaxoSmithKline
Betnovate Ointment 0.001 GlaxoSmithKline
Betoptic 0.005 Alcon
Betoptic S 0.0025 Alcon
Biofenac 100 mg Nycomed
Bi-Profenid 150mg Sanofi Aventis
Bondronat 50 mg Roche
Bondronat 6 mg/ 6 ml Roche
Bonefos 800mg Bayer OY
Bonviva 3ml Roche
Bonviva 150mg Roche
Botox 100iU Allergan
Brevibloc Premix 2500mg/250ml Baxter Healthcare
Bricanyl Exp. 66,5 mg + 1,5 mg Astra Zeneca
Bricanyl Turbuhaler 500mcg Astra Zeneca
Brilinta 90 mg Astra Zeneca
Brufen 400mg Abbott
Budenofalk 3 mg Losan
Buscopan 20 mg/ml Boehringer ingelheim
Buscopan 10mg Boehringer ingelheim
Buscopan Plus 500mg/10mg Boehringer ingelheim
Busilvex IV 6mg/ml (10 ml) Patheon Manufacturing
Byetta S.C 10mcg/0,04ml Lilly
Byetta S.C 5mcg/0,02ml Lilly
Caduet 10mg/10mg Pfizer
Caduet 10mg/20mg Pfizer
Caduet 5mg/10mg Pfizer
Caduet 5mg/20mg Pfizer
Caelyx 20mg/10ml Ben Venue Laboratories
Cafergot 1mg/100mg Assos
Calgel %0,1 + %0,33 GlaxoSmithKline
Calpol 120mg/5ml GlaxoSmithKline
Calpol 6 Plus 250mg/5ml GlaxoSmithKline
Calux 50mg Deva
Calux 150mg Deva
Campral 333 mg Merck
Canesten Cream 0.01 Bayer
Cardura 2 mg Pfizer
Cardura 4 mg Pfizer
Cardura XL 4 mg Pfizer
Casodex 50mg Astra Zeneca
Casodex 150mg Astra Zeneca
Cataflam 50 mg Novartis
Celestone 3 mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Cellcept 250mg Roche
Cellcept 500mg Roche
Cerazette 75 mcg Organon
Certican 0,25 mg Novartis
Certican 0,75 mg Novartis
Cetrotide 0,25 mg Baxter Oncology GmbH
Champix 1mg Pfizer
Champix Starter Pack 0.5mg + 1mg Pfizer
Cialis 20 mg Lilly
Cialis 5 mg Lilly
Ciloxan 0.003 Alcon
Cimzia SC 200mg/ml Vetter Pharma
Cipralex 10mg Lundbeck
Cipralex 20mg Lundbeck
Cipram 20mg Lundbeck
Ciproxin 500mg Bayer
Ciproxin 750mg Bayer
Claritine 10mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Cleocin 0.02 Pfizer
Cleocin 150mg Pfizer
Cleocin Phosphate 600mg/4ml Pfizer
Cleocin T 0.01 Pfizer
Clexane 80mg/0.8ml Sanofi Aventis
Clexane 100mg/ 1ml Sanofi Aventis
Clexane 120mg/0,8ml Sanofi Aventis
Clexane 40mg/0,4ml Sanofi Aventis
Clexane 60mg/0,6ml Sanofi Aventis
Cliacil 300.000IU/5ml Sanofi Aventis
Cliacil Mega 1.200.000IU Sanofi Aventis
Climara Patch 3.9 mg / 12.5 cm 50mcg Bayer
Climara Patch 7.8 mg / 25 cm 100mcg Bayer
Clonex 25mg Adeka
Clonex 100mg Adeka
Cloperol 75mg Pharmactive
Clopixol 2mg Lundbeck
Clopixol 50mg/ml Lundbeck
Clopixol Depot 200mg/ml Lundbeck
Clotinab 10mg/5ml Yonsei
Clovate Cream 0.0005 Pharmactive
Clovate Hair Lotion 0.0005 Pharmactive
Clovate Ointment 0.0005 Pharmactive
Codactiv Syrup 7,5mg/5ml Pharmactive
Co-Diovan 160mg/12.5mg Novartis
Co-Diovan 160mg/25mg Novartis
Co-Diovan 320mg/12,5mg Novartis
Co-Diovan 320mg/25mg Novartis
Co-Diovan 80/12.5mg Novartis
Combibero 20/50mcg Boehringer ingelheim
Combigan 0,2 % - 0,5 % Allergan
Combisar 10/160mg Bilim
Combisar 5/160mg Bilim
Combivent Nebule 2,5 ml Unither
Combivir 150/300mg GlaxoSmithKline
Comtan 200mg Novartis
Concor 5mg Merck
Concor 10mg Merck
Convulex 150mg G.L.Pharma
Convulex 300mg G.L.Pharma
Convulex 500mg G.L.Pharma
Convulex CR 300mg G.L.Pharma
Convulex CR 500mg G.L.Pharma
Convulex Pediatric Syrup 50mg/ml G.L.Pharma
Copaxone 20mg/ml Teva Pharmaceuticals
Copegus 200mg Roche
Copegus 200mg Roche
Coraspin 100mg Bayer
Coraspin 300mg Bayer
Cordarone 200mg Sanofi Aventis
Cordarone 150mg / 3 ml Sanofi Aventis
Cosopt 0.02/0.005 Merck Sharp&Dohme
Coumadin 5 mg Zentiva
Coumadin 10 mg Zentiva
Coveram 5/5 mg Servier
Coveram 5/10 mg Servier
Coveram 10/5 mg Servier
Coveram 10/10 mg Servier
Coversyl 5mg Servier
Coversyl 10mg Servier
Coversyl Plus 4/1.25mg Servier
Coversyl Plus 5/1.25mg Servier
Cozaar 100mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Cozaar 50mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Crestor 5mg Astra Zeneca
Crestor 10mg Astra Zeneca
Crestor 20mg Astra Zeneca
Crestor 40mg Astra Zeneca
Crinone 0.08 M.Y Healthcare
Cubicin 350mg Novartis
Cubicin 500mg Novartis
Cutivate Ointment 0.00005 GlaxoSmithKline
Cycladol 20mg Chiesi
Cyclo-Progynova 2mg-0,5mg Bayer
Cymbalta 30mg Lilly
Cymbalta 60mg Lilly
Dacogen 50 mg Janssen-Cilag
Daflon 500 mg Servier
Daklinza 60mg Bristol-Myers Squibb
Debridat 100mg Pfizer
Debridat 24mg/5ml Pfizer
Debridat Fort 200mg Pfizer
Delix 2,5mg Sanofi Aventis
Delix 5mg Sanofi Aventis
Delix Plus 2,5mg/12,5mg Sanofi Aventis
Delix Plus 5mg/25mg Sanofi Aventis
Delix Plus 10mg/12,5mg Sanofi Aventis
Delix Plus 10mg/25mg Sanofi Aventis
Delix Protect 10mg Sanofi Aventis
Deltacortril 5mg Pfizer
Depakin 400 mg/4 ml Sanofi Aventis
Depakin 200mg/ml Sanofi Aventis
Depakin Chrono 333mg/145mg Sanofi Aventis
Depo-Medrol 40mg/ml Pfizer
Depo-Provera 150 mg/ml Pharmacia Upjohn
Dequadin 0,25 mg GlaxoSmithKline
Dermo-Rest Nail %28 + %12 Zentiva
Dermo-Rest Skin Cream 0.01 Zentiva
Dermo-Trosyd Nail %28 + %12 Pfizer
Dermo-Trosyd Skin Cream 0.01 Pfizer
Dermovate Cream 0.0005 GlaxoSmithKline
Dermovate Hair 0.0005 GlaxoSmithKline
Dermovate Ointment 0.0005 GlaxoSmithKline
Desolett 0.15/0.03mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Detrusitol 1mg Pfizer
Detrusitol 2mg Pfizer
Detrusitol SR 4mg Pfizer
Dextrocin Cream 0.02 Pharmactive
Dextrocin Ointment 0.02 Pharmactive
Diamicron MR 30mg Servier
Diamicron MR 60mg Servier
Diane 35 2/0.035mg Bayer
Diazomid 250mg Sanofi Aventis
Dicetel 50mg Abbott
Diclactive Gel 0.01 Pharmactive
Dideral 40 mg Sanofi Aventis
Differin Gel 0.001 Galderma
Digoxin-Sandoz 0.25 mg Novartis
Digoxin-Sandoz 0,5mg/ml Novartis
Digoxin-Sandoz IV 0,5 mg/2ml Novartis
Dilatrend 12.5mg Roche
Dilatrend 25mg Roche
Dilatrend 6.25mg Roche
Diovan 80mg Novartis
Diovan 160mg Novartis
Diovan 320mg Novartis
Diprospan 6,43 mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Dogmatil 200mg Sanofi Aventis
Dolven Cold & Flu 200mg/30mg Sanofi Aventis
Dolven Pediatric 100mg/5ml Sanofi Aventis
Dostinex 0.5mg Pfizer
Drisentin 75 mg Sanovel
Duact 8mg/60mg GlaxoSmithKline
Duocid 375mg Pfizer
Duocid 250mg/5ml Pfizer
Duspatalin 100mg Abbott
Duspatalin Retard 200 mg Abbott
Dysport 500IU Ipsen Biopharm
Ebixa 10mg/g Merz
Ebixa 10mg Rottendorf Pharma
Ebixa 10mg Rottendorf Pharma
Ebixa 20mg Rottendorf Pharma
Edronax 4mg Pfizer
Efexor XR 37.5mg Wyeth
Efexor XR 75mg Wyeth
Efexor XR 150mg Wyeth
Effient 10mg Lilly
Efudix Cream 0.05 ICN
Elevit Pronatal Bayer
Elidel Cream 0.01 Novartis
Eliquis 2,5mg Bristol-Myers Squibb
Eliquis 5mg Bristol-Myers Squibb
Elocon Lotion 0.001 Merck Sharp&Dohme
Elocon Ointment 0.001 Merck Sharp&Dohme
Elosalic Ointment %0,1 / %5 Merck Sharp&Dohme
Eloxatin 50mg/ml 10 ml Sanofi Aventis
Eloxatin 100mg/ml 20 ml Sanofi Aventis
Emedur 20mg/100mg Sanofi Aventis
Emedur 200mg Sanofi Aventis
Emedur IM 200mg/2ml Sanofi Aventis
Emend 125/80/80mg Merck
Emla Cream 0,05 - 5 gr Astra Zeneca
Emselex 7,5mg Novartis
Emselex 15mg Novartis
Enapril 5mg Sandoz
Enapril 10mg Sandoz
Enapril 20mg Sandoz
Enbrel 25mg Wyeth
Enbrel 50 mg Wyeth
Endoxan 50 mg Almirall
Endoxan 500 mg Baxter Oncology GmbH
Endoxan 1.000 mg Baxter Oncology GmbH
Entocort 0,02mg/ml Astra Zeneca
Epanutin 100mg Pfizer
Epivir 150mg GlaxoSmithKline
Epivir Oral Solution 10mg/ml GlaxoSmithKline
Eprex 2000 IU 2000 IU Janssen-Cilag
Eprex 3000 IU 3000 IU Janssen-Cilag
Eprex 4000 IU 4000 IU Janssen-Cilag
Erbitux IV 100mg/20ml Merck
Ercefuryl 100mg Sanofi Aventis
Ercefuryl 200mg/5ml Sanofi Aventis
Eslorex 10 mg Zentiva
Eslorex 20 mg Zentiva
Esmara 40mg Pensa Ilac
Estrofem 2mg Novo-Nordisk
Etopan 500 mg Zentiva
Eumovate Cream 0.0005 GlaxoSmithKline
Eumovate Ointment 0.0005 GlaxoSmithKline
Euthyrox 25 mcg Merck
Euthyrox 50 mcg Merck
Euthyrox 150 mcg Merck
Evista 60mg Lilly
Exelon 1.5mg Novartis
Exelon 3mg Novartis
Exelon 4.5mg Novartis
Exelon 6mg Novartis
Exelon 2 mg/ml Novartis
Exelon Patch 4.6mg/24hr Novartis
Exelon Patch 9.5mg/24hr Novartis
Exenate Cream 0.001 Pharmactive
Exenate Ointment 0.001 Pharmactive
Exforge 10/160mg Novartis
Exforge 5/160mg Novartis
Exjade 125mg Novartis
Exjade 250mg Novartis
Exjade 500mg Novartis
Expigment Cream 0.02 Orva
Expigment Cream 0.04 Orva
Extal 600 mg Hochland Pharma
Exviera 250mg Abbive
Eylea intravitreal injection 40mg/ml Regeneron
Famvir 250mg Novartis
Faslodex 250mg/5ml Astra Zeneca
Faverin 100mg Abbott
Felden Flash 20mg Pfizer
Felden Gel 0.005 Pfizer
Femara 2.5mg Novartis
Fenistil Gel 0.001 Novartis
Festal N Sanofi Aventis
Fingya 0,5mg Farmanova
Flarex 0.001 Alcon
Flixonase Aqua 50mcg GlaxoSmithKline
Flixonase Nasal Drops 0,001 - 7 gr GlaxoSmithKline
Flixotide Diskus 100mcg GlaxoSmithKline
Flixotide Diskus 250mcg GlaxoSmithKline
Flixotide Inhaler 50mcg GlaxoSmithKline
Flixotide Inhaler 125mcg GlaxoSmithKline
Flixotide Nebules 0,5mg/2ml GlaxoSmithKline
Flixotide Nebules 2mg/2ml GlaxoSmithKline
Flomax MR 0.4mg Boehringer Ingelheim
Fluanxol 3mg Lundbeck
Fluanxol Depot 20mg/ml Lundbeck
Flucan 150mg Pfizer
Flucan 150mg Pfizer
Folic-IOD 400mcg/150mcg Assos
Folic-TRIO 174mcg/667mg/100IU Assos
Foradil 12mcg Novartis
Foradil Combi 12mcg/200mcg Novartis
Foradil Combi 12mcg/400mcg Novartis
Forsteo S.C 20mcg/80mcl Lilly
Forziga 10mg Astra Zeneca
Fosamax 70mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Fosavance 70mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Foster Aerosol 100mcg/6mcg Chiesi
Fostimon 75IU IBSA Institute
Fostimon 150IU IBSA Institute
Fungizone 50mg Famar
Furacin Soluble Dressing Ointment 0.002 Zentiva
Gabateva 300mg Teva Pharmaceuticals
Gabateva 400mg Teva Pharmaceuticals
Galvus 50mg Novartis
Galvus-Met 50mg/850mg Novartis
Galvus-Met 50mg/1000mg Novartis
Gardasil IM 1 dose Merck Sharp&Dohme
Gastren 680mg/80mg Pharmactive
Gastren Duo 600mg/70mg/150mg Pharmactive
Gaviscon Liquid 160mg/500mg/267mg Reckitt Benckiser
Gaviscon 160mg/500mg/267mg Reckitt Benckiser
Genotropin 16 IU/ 5,3 mg Pfizer
Genotropin 36 IU / 12 mg Pfizer
Geroxalen 10mg Gerot
Ginera 0.075mg/0.03mg Bayer
Glifor 850mg Bilim
Glivec 100mg Novartis
Glivec 400mg Novartis
Glucobay 50mg Bayer
Glucobay 100mg Bayer
Glucobay 50mg Bayer
Glucobay 100mg Bayer
Glucophage 1000 mg Daichi Sankyo
Glucophage 850 mg Daichi Sankyo
Glucotrol XL 10mg Pfizer
Glucotrol XL 5mg Pfizer
Glucotrol XL 2.5mg Pfizer
Gonal - F 300IU/0.5ml Serono
Gonal - F 450IU/0.75ml Serono
Gonal - F 900IU/1.5ml Serono
Gonal - F 75IU Serono
Gonal - F 450IU Serono
Gonal - F 1050IU Serono
Gopten 0,5 mg Abbott
Gopten 2 mg Abbott
Gopten 4 mg Abbott
Granocyte 34 33,6 MIU Chugai Pharmaceutical
Griport 650mg/60mg/4mg Ilko Ilac
Gyno-travogen 600 mg Bayer
Gyno-Trosyd 0.065 Pfizer
Harvoni 90mg/400mg Gilead
Helicol 30 mg Zentiva
Hepsera 10mg Gilead
Herceptin 150mg Roche
Hivent 245mg/200mg Ilko Ilac
Hiverac 245mg Ilko Ilac
Holoxan IV 500mg Baxter
Holoxan IV 1000mg Baxter
Holoxan IV 2000mg Baxter
Humalog 100iU/ml(3 ml) Lilly
Humalog 100iU/ml(10 ml) Lilly
Humalog Mix25 100iU/ml(3 ml) Lilly
Humalog Mix50 100iU/ml(3 ml) Lilly
Humatrope 36IU Lilly
Humatrope 72IU Lilly
Humatrope 18IU Lilly
Humira 40mg/0.8 ml Abbott
Humulin M 70/30 100iU/ml(3 ml) Lilly
Humulin N 100iU/ml(10 ml) Lilly
Humulin N(NPH) 100iU/ml(3 ml) Lilly
Humulin R 100iU/ml(3 ml) Lilly
Humulin R 100iU/ml(10 ml) Lilly
Hycamtin 4mg GlaxoSmithKline
Hydrea 500 mg Deva
Hytrin 5mg Abbott
Hyzaar 100/12.5mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Hyzaar 50/12.5mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Hyzaar Fort 100/25mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Ibuactive Cream 0.05 Pharmactive
Ilaris SC 150mg (6ml) Novartis
Ilomedin 20mcg/1ml Berlimed
Imigran 50mg GlaxoSmithKline
Imigran 100mg GlaxoSmithKline
Imigran MK ll injection 6mg/0.5ml GlaxoSmithKline
Imigran Nasal Spray 20 mg GlaxoSmithKline
Imuran 25 mg GlaxoSmithKline
Imuran 50 mg GlaxoSmithKline
Incivo 375mg Janssen-Cilag
Inlyta 1 mg Pfizer
Inlyta 5 mg Pfizer
Insulatard HM Penfill 100IU Novo-Nordisk
Intelence 100mg Janssen-Cilag
Invanz 1gr Merck Sharp&Dohme
Invega 3 mg Johnson & Johnson
Invega 6 mg Johnson & Johnson
Invega 9 mg Johnson & Johnson
Irbecor 150mg Ilko Ilac
Irbecor 300mg Ilko Ilac
Irbecor Plus 150mg/12,5mg Ilko Ilac
Irbecor Plus 300mg/12,5mg Ilko Ilac
Isentress 400 mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Isoptin 40mg Abbott
Isoptin 80mg Abbott
Isoptin KKH 120mg Abbott
Isoptin SR 240mg Abbott
Isotrexin Gel 30 g Steifel Laboratories
Itraspor 100mg Janssen-Cilag
Ixel 25 mg Pierre Fabre
Ixel 50 mg Pierre Fabre
Jakavi 5mg Novartis
Jakavi 15mg Novartis
Jakavi 20mg Novartis
Janumet 50/1000mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Janumet 50/500mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Janumet 50/850mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Januvia 100mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Kaletra 200mg/50mg Abbott
Karbalex Retard 300mg Gerot
Karbalex Retard 600mg Gerot
Karvea 150mg Sanofi Winthrop
Karvea 300mg Sanofi Winthrop
Karvea 75mg Sanofi Winthrop
Karvezide 300/25mg Sanofi Winthrop
Karvezide 150/12.5mg Sanofi Winthrop
Karvezide 300/12.5mg Sanofi Winthrop
Kenacort Orabase 0.001 Deva
Kenacort-A Ointment 0.001 Deva
Keppra 1000mg UCB Pharma
Keppra 250mg UCB Pharma
Keppra 500mg UCB Pharma
Keppra 100mg/ml UCB Pharma
Keppra Oral Solution 100mg/ml UCB Pharma
Klacid 500 mg Abbott
Klacid MR 500 mg Abbott
Kogenate FS 250 IU Bayer
Kogenate FS 500 IU Bayer
Kogenate FS 1.000 IU Bayer
Kolestor 10 mg Zentiva
Kolestor 20 mg Zentiva
Kolestor 40 mg Zentiva
Kolestran 4 g Sandoz
Komboglyze 850mg/2,5mg Astra Zeneca
Komboglyze 1000mg/2,5mg Astra Zeneca
Kongest 300mg/5mg/2mg Zentiva
Kongest Forte 650mg/10mg/4mg Zentiva
Kongest Pediatric 160mg/2,5mg/1mg Zentiva
Kreon 10.000 U 100mg Solvay Pharma
Kreon 25.000 U 100mg Solvay Pharma
Laksafenol 50mg Liba
Lamictal Dc 100mg GlaxoSmithKline
Lamictal Dc 200mg GlaxoSmithKline
Lamictal Dc 25mg GlaxoSmithKline
Lamictal Dc 50mg GlaxoSmithKline
Lamictal Dc 5mg GlaxoSmithKline
Lamisil 250 mg Novartis
Lamisil Cream 0.01 Novartis
Lamisil Topical Spray 0.01 Novartis
Lantus Solostar 100iU/ml(3 ml) Sanofi Aventis
Lasix 40mg Sanofi Aventis
Lasix 20mg/2 ml Sanofi Aventis
Leoctive Syrup 30mg/5ml Pharmactive
Leponex 25mg Novartis
Leponex 100mg Novartis
Leptica 1000mg Ilko Ilac
Leptica 250mg Ilko Ilac
Leptica 500mg Ilko Ilac
Lescol 40mg Novartis
Lescol XL 80mg Novartis
Letrasan 2,5mg Deva
Leunase 10.000 ıu Kyowa Hakko Kogyo CO
Levemir Flexpen 100iU/ml(3 ml) Novo-Nordisk
Levitra 10mg Bayer
Levitra 20mg Bayer
Levitra dispersable 10 mg Bayer
Levitra dispersable 10mg Bayer
Libalaks Enema 3,7gr/5,31gr Liba
Lincocin IM/IV 600mg/2ml Pfizer
Lioresal 10mg Novartis
Lipiodol Ultra-Fluide 480mgI/ml (10ml) Guerbet
Lipitor 10mg Pfizer
Lipitor 20mg Pfizer
Lipitor 40mg Pfizer
Livercol 10mg Ilko Ilac
Livercol 20mg Ilko Ilac
Livercol 40mg Ilko Ilac
Lopid-600 600mg Pfizer
Lopresor 100mg Novartis
Lopressor SR 200mg Novartis
Lucentis 10mg/ml(0.3 ml) Novartis
Lucrin 1mg/0,2ml (2,8ml) Famar
Lucrin Depot 11,25mg Abbive
Lucrin Depot 3,75mg Abbive
Ludiomil 25mg Novartis
Ludiomil 75mg Novartis
Lumigan RC 0,01%(0,1mg/ml) Allergan
Lunges Syrup 30mg/5ml Ilko Ilac
Lustral 50mg Pfizer
Lustral Special 100mg Pfizer
Mabthera 100mg/10 ml Roche
Mabthera 500mg/50 ml Roche
Madecassol Ointment 0.01 Bayer
Madopar 125mg Deva
Mantazol Cream %0,1/%1 Pharmactive
Marcaine 0.005 Astra Zeneca
Marcaine Spin 0.5% - 4 ml Astra Zeneca
Maxalt Rapidisc 10mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Maxidex 0.001 Alcon
Maxidex Ointment 0.001 Alcon
Mebucain Mint 2mg/1mg Novartis
Megace 160mg Deva
Menogon 75IU/75IU Ferring
Menopur 75IU/75IU Ferring
Mesigyna 50mg/5mg Bayer Schering
Mestinon 60 mg ICN
Miacalcic 100IU/ml Novartis
Micardis 80mg Boehringer ingelheim
Micardis Plus 80mg/12.5mg Boehringer ingelheim
Microgynon 0.03/0.15 Bayer
Mimpara 30 mg Amgen
Mimpara 60 mg Amgen
Mimpara 90 mg Amgen
Minamol Plus 250mg/150mg/50mg Pharmactive
Minirin 10 mcg Nasal 0.0001 Ferring
Minirin Melt 60 mcg Ferring
Minirin Melt 120 mcg Ferring
Minoset 500mg Bayer
Minoset 150mg/5ml Bayer
Minoset Plus 250mg/150mg/50mg Bayer
Miranova 0,1mg/0,02mg Bayer
Mirena 20mcg/24hr Bayer
Mirtaron 30 mg Zentiva
Mixtard 30HM Penfill 100IU Novo-Nordisk
Miyorel 300mg/375mg Sanofi Aventis
Modiodal 100mg Cephalon
Moksefen 400mg Ilko Ilac
Monodur 60mg Astra Zeneca
Monolong SR 60mg CTS
Monopril 10mg Bristol-Myers Squibb
Monopril 20mg Bristol-Myers Squibb
Monopril Plus 20mg/12.5mg Bristol-Myers Squibb
Monopril Plus 10mg/12.5mg Bristol-Myers Squibb
Motilium 10mg Janssen-Cilag
Motilium Syrup 1mg/ml Janssen-Cilag
Mukozero 1200mg Pharmactive
Mukozero 200mg/5ml Pharmactive
Mukozero 600mg Pharmactive
Mukozero 900mg Pharmactive
Multiload Cu375 Bayer Schering
Muscoril 4 mg Sanofi Aventis
Muscoril 8 mg Sanofi Aventis
Muscoril IM 4mg/2ml Sanofi Aventis
Muscoril Oitment 0.0025 Sanofi Aventis
Musfixa 4mg Pharmactive
Musfixa Ointment 0.0025 Pharmactive
Mycamine 50mg Astellas
Mycamine 100mg Astellas
Mycospor Cream 0.01 Bayer
Myesed 20mg Pharmactive
Myfortic 180mg Novartis
Myfortic 360mg Novartis
Myralon 0,02mg/0,15mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Naprosyn CR 750mg Abdi İbrahim
Naprosyn EC 250mg Abdi İbrahim
Naprosyn EC 500mg Abdi İbrahim
Naramig 2.5mg GlaxoSmithKline
Nasacort Aqua 55mcg Sanofi Aventis
Nasonex 50mcg Schering-Plough
Navelbine 20mg Pierre Fabre
Navelbine 30mg Pierre Fabre
Navelbine IV 10mg/ml Pierre Fabre
Navelbine IV 50mg/5ml Pierre Fabre
Neorecormon 2000IU/0.3ml Roche
Neorecormon 3000IU/0.3ml Roche
Neorecormon 5000IU/0.3ml Roche
Neorecormon 10000IU/0.3ml Roche
Neotigason 10mg Actavis
Neotigason 25mg Actavis
Nerisona C Cream %0,1 + %1 Bayer
Nervogil 1mg Ilko Ilac
Neupogen 30 M IU x 0,5 ml Amgen
Neupogen 48 M IU x 0,5 ml Amgen
Nevanac Eye Drops 0.001 Alcon
Nexavar 200mg Bayer
Nexium 20mg Astra Zeneca
Nexium 40mg Astra Zeneca
Nexplanon 68mg Organon
Nexstep 40mg Mentis
Nexstep 20mg Mentis
Nibulen 0.08 Sanofi Aventis
Nibulen Cream 0.01 Sanofi Aventis
Nibulen Dermal 0.01 Sanofi Aventis
Nicorette Gum Classic Fresh fruit 2mg Johnson & Johnson
Nicorette Gum Classic Fresh fruit 4mg Johnson & Johnson
Nicorette Gum Freshmint 2mg Johnson & Johnson
Nicorette Gum Freshmint 4mg Johnson & Johnson
Nicotinell Fruit Gum 2mg Novartis
Nicotinell Mint Gum 2mg Novartis
Nimotop 30mg Bayer
Nitrolingual Pumpspray 0.4mg/dose G.Pohl Boskamp
Nizoral Cream 0.0002 Janssen-Cilag
Nizoral Medical Shampoo 0.0002 Janssen-Cilag
Nolvadex 10mg Astra Zeneca
Nolvadex D 20mg Astra Zeneca
Nootropil 800mg UCB Pharma
Nootropil 200mg/ml UCB Pharma
Nootropil 1gr/5ml UCB Pharma
Norofren 2 mg Sanofi Aventis
Nortan 100mg Sanofi Aventis
Nortan 50mg Sanofi Aventis
Norvasc 10mg Pfizer
Norvasc 5mg Pfizer
Norvir 100mg Abbott
Nospazm 40mg Pharmactive
Nova T 380 380mm2 Bayer Schering Pharma
Novalgin 500mg Sanofi Aventis
Novalgin 250mg/5ml Sanofi Aventis
Novalgin 1000mg/2ml Sanofi Aventis
Novofine 30 G-8mm Needle 30G Novo-Nordisk
Novofine 31 G-6mm Needle 31G Novo-Nordisk
Novofine 32 G-4mm Needle 32G Novo-Nordisk
Novomix 30 Flexpen 100iU/ml(3 ml) Novo-Nordisk
Novomix 30 Penfill 100iU/ml(3 ml) Novo-Nordisk
Novonorm 0,5mg Novo-Nordisk
Novonorm 1mg Novo-Nordisk
Novonorm 2mg Novo-Nordisk
Novorapid 100iU/ml(10 ml) Novo-Nordisk
Novorapid Flexpen 100iU/ml(3 ml) Novo-Nordisk
Novosef IM 0,5 gr/%1 Zentiva
Novosef IM 1 gr/%1 Zentiva
Novosef IV 0,5 gr Zentiva
Novosef IV 1 gr Zentiva
Noxafil 40 mg/ml Schering-Plough
Nuvaring 11,2 mg + 2,7 mg Organon
Olmetec 10mg Pfizer
Olmetec 20mg Pfizer
Olmetec 40mg Pfizer
Olmetec Plus 20/12,5mg Daichi Sankyo
Olmetec Plus 20/25mg Daichi Sankyo
Omeprol 20mg Sandoz
Omnipaque Iohexol 300 mgI/ml Nycomed
Omnipaque Iohexol 350 mgl/ml Nycomed
Orencia 250mg Bristol-Myers Squibb
Orgalutran 0.25mg/0.5ml Organon
Orgalutran 0.25mg/0.5ml Organon
Orthovisc Syringe 15mg/ml(2ml) Anika Therapeutics
Osalen 70mg Zentiva
Ostenil 1x2ml Bio-Gen
Otrivine 0.001 Novartis
Otrivine Menthol 0.001 Novartis
Otrivine Pediatric 0.0005 Novartis
Oxap 10 mg Zentiva
Oxap 20 mg Zentiva
Oxap 40 mg Zentiva
Oxap Plus 20mg/12,5mg Zentiva
Oxap Plus 20mg/25mg Zentiva
Oxap Plus 40mg/12,5mg Zentiva
Oxap Plus 40mg/25mg Zentiva
Palodin 250 mcg/5 ml Koçak
Panadol 500mg GlaxoSmithKline
Panadol Extra 500mg/65mg GlaxoSmithKline
Panocer 40mg Ilko Ilac
Pantactive 20mg Pharmactive
Pantactive 40mg Pharmactive
Pantpas 40mg Bayer
Pantpas IV 40mg Bayer
Paranox 120mg/15mg Sanofi Aventis
Paranox-S 120mg Sanofi Aventis
Pariet 20mg Johnson & Johnson
Parlodel 2.5mg Meda
Patanol 0.001 Alcon
Paxil 20mg GlaxoSmithKline
Pegasys 135 mcg/0.5 ml Roche
Pegasys 180 mcg/0.5 ml Roche
Pegintron 50mcg Schering-Plough
Pegintron 80mcg Schering-Plough
Pegintron 100mcg Schering-Plough
Pegintron 120mcg Schering-Plough
Pegintron 150mcg Schering-Plough
Pentasa 500mg Ferring
Pepticer 15mg Ilko Ilac
Pepticer 30mg Ilko Ilac
Perfalgan 10mg/ml (100ml) Bristol-Myers Squibb
Perjeta IV 420mg/14ml Roche
Pexola 0,25mg Boehringer ingelheim
Pexola 1mg Boehringer ingelheim
Pexola ER 0,375 mg Boehringer ingelheim
Pexola ER 0,75 mg Boehringer ingelheim
Pexola ER 1,5 mg Boehringer ingelheim
Pexola ER 3 mg Boehringer ingelheim
Pexola ER 4,5 mg Boehringer ingelheim
Pingel 75mg Zentiva
Piogtan 15mg Zentiva
Piogtan 30mg Zentiva
Piogtan 45mg Zentiva
Plaquenil 200 mg Sanofi Aventis
Plavix 75mg Sanofi Aventis
Plendil ER 10mg Astra Zeneca
Plendil ER 2.5mg Astra Zeneca
Plendil ER 5mg Astra Zeneca
Pletal 100mg Otsuka Pharmaceuticals
Ponstan Forte 500 mg Pfizer
Pradaxa 110mg Boehringer ingelheim
Pradaxa 150mg Boehringer ingelheim
Pradaxa 75mg Boehringer ingelheim
Prelica 150mg Pharmactive
Prelica 25mg Pharmactive
Prelica 300mg Pharmactive
Prelica 75mg Pharmactive
Prevenar 13 IM 0,5 ml Pfizer
Prezista 400mg Janssen-Cilag
Prezista 600mg Janssen-Cilag
Primolut N 5 mg Bayer
Procalut 50mg Koçak
Procalut 150mg Koçak
Proctolog 10mg/120mg Pfizer
Proctolog Rectal Cream %0,5 + %5,8 Pfizer
Profenid 1mg/ml Sanofi Aventis
Profenid Gel 0.025 Sanofi Aventis
Profenid IM 100mg/2ml Sanofi Aventis
Prograf 1mg Astellas
Prograf 5mg Astellas
Prograf 0.5mg Astellas
Prolia 60mg/ml Amgen
Proluton Depot 500mg/2ml Bayer Schering
Propecia 1mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Propofol %1 200mg/20ml Fresenius
Propofol %1 500mg/50 ml (50 ml) Fresenius
Propofol %2 1000mg/50 ml (50 ml) Fresenius
Proscar 5mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Prosek 20mg Zentiva
Protelos 2g 2 g Servier
Protopic Ointment 0.0003 Astellas
Protopic Ointment 0.001 Astellas
Proviron 25 mg Bayer
Proxeed Plus 3450 mg E-Pharma
Prozac 20mg/5ml Lilly
Prozac 20mg Lilly
Psorcutan BetaOintment 50mcg/0,5mg Leo Laboratories
Psorcutan Cream 50mcg-0,5mg/1g Leo Pharmaceuticals
Psorcutan Ointment 0.00005 Leo Pharmaceuticals
Psorcutan Scalp Solution 0.00005 Leo Pharmaceuticals
Pulmicort Nebules 0,25mg/ml Astra Zeneca
Pulmicort Nebules 0,50mg/ml Astra Zeneca
Pulmicort Turbuhaler 100mcg Astra Zeneca
Pulmicort Turbuhaler 200mcg Astra Zeneca
Pulmicort Turbuhaler 400mcg Astra Zeneca
Pulmozyme 2.5 mg/2.5 ml Roche
Qlairista 2 mg/3 mg Bayer Schering
Quelept 100mg Ilko Ilac
Quelept 200mg Ilko Ilac
Quelept 25mg Ilko Ilac
Quelept 300mg Ilko Ilac
Rabiza 20mg Ilko Ilac
Rantudil Forte 60mg Bayer
Rantudil Retard 90mg Bayer
Rapamune 1mg Wyeth
Rapamune 1mg/ml Wyeth
Rebetol 200mg Schering-Plough
Rebetol 200mg Schering-Plough
Rebevea 150mg Pharmactive
Rebevea 300mg Pharmactive
Rebevea 75mg Pharmactive
Rebevea Plus 150mg/12,5mg Pharmactive
Rebevea Plus 300mg/25mg Pharmactive
Rebevea Plus 300mg/12,5mg Pharmactive
Rebif 22mcg Serono
Rebif 44mcg Serono
Redox-C 500 mg/5 ml Bayer
Redoxon Zinc 1000 mg Bayer
Regapen 150mg Ilko Ilac
Regapen 25mg Ilko Ilac
Regapen 300mg Ilko Ilac
Regapen 75mg Ilko Ilac
Regroton 50mg/0,25mg Novartis
Relestat 0.0005 Allergan
Relpax 40mg Pfizer
Remicade 100 mg Schering-Plough
Reminyl 8mg Janssen-Cilag
Reminyl 16mg Janssen-Cilag
Reminyl 24mg Janssen-Cilag
Reminyl 4mg/ml Janssen Pharmaceutica
Renagel 800mg Genzyme
Rennie 680mg/80mg Bayer
Rennie Duo 600mg/70mg/150mg Bayer
Requip XL 2mg GlaxoSmithKline
Requip XL 4mg GlaxoSmithKline
Requip XL 8mg GlaxoSmithKline
Resolor 1mg Janssen-Cilag
Resolor 2mg Janssen-Cilag
Restasis 0.0005 Allergan
Revatio 20 mg Pfizer
Revolade 25 mg GlaxoSmithKline
Revolade 50 mg GlaxoSmithKline
Rhogam 1500 IU (300 µg) Ortho-Clinical
Rifocin Ear 0.01 Sanofi Aventis
Rifocin IM 125 mg/1,5ml Sanofi Aventis
Rifocin IM 250 mg/3ml Sanofi Aventis
Rilutek 50mg Sanofi Aventis
Risperdal 1mg Janssen-Cilag
Risperdal 2mg Janssen-Cilag
Risperdal 3mg Janssen-Cilag
Risperdal 4mg Janssen-Cilag
Risperdal Consta 25 mg Janssen-Cilag
Risperdal Consta 37,5 mg Janssen-Cilag
Risperdal Consta 50 mg Janssen-Cilag
Roaccutane 10mg Roche
Roaccutane 20mg Roche
Rocaltrol 0.25mcg Roche
Rocaltrol 0.50mcg Roche
Rulid 150mg Sanofi Aventis
Rulid 300 mg Sanofi Aventis
Rytmonorm 150mg Abbott
Rytmonorm 300mg Abbott
Saizen Click Easy 8mg Merck Serono
Salagen 5mg Novartis
Salofalk 250mg Dr.Falk Pharma
Salofalk 500mg Dr.Falk Pharma
Salofalk Enema 4 gr/60 g Dr.Falk Pharma
Salofalk Suppositors 250mg Dr.Falk Pharma
Salofalk Suppositors 500mg Dr.Falk Pharma
Samsca 15mg Abdi Ibrahim
Sanasol Zentiva
Sandimmun Neoral 50mg/ml Novartis
Sandimmun Neoral 100mg/ml Novartis
Sandimmun Neoral 25mg Novartis
Sandimmun Neoral 100mg Novartis
Sandomigran 0.5mg Novartis
Sandostatin-lar 10 mg Novartis
Sandostatin-lar 20 mg Novartis
Sandostatin-lar 30 mg Novartis
Sarvas 50mg Zentiva
Sarvastan 50mg/12,5mg Zentiva
Sarvastan Forte 100mg/25mg Zentiva
Sebivo 600 mg Novartis
Sefiyol Nasal Spray 0.009 Pharmactive
Sempriban 150mg Zentiva
Sempriban IV 3mg/3ml Zentiva
Seralin 50mg Zentiva
Seralin 100mg Zentiva
Seretide Diskus 100/50mcg GlaxoSmithKline
Seretide Diskus 250/50mcg GlaxoSmithKline
Seretide Diskus 500/50mcg GlaxoSmithKline
Seretide Inhaler 250/25mcg GlaxoSmithKline
Seretide Inhaler 125/25mcg GlaxoSmithKline
Serevent Diskus 50mcg GlaxoSmithKline
Serevent inhaler 25mcg GlaxoSmithKline
Seroquel 25mg Astra Zeneca
Seroquel 100mg Astra Zeneca
Seroquel 200mg Astra Zeneca
Seroquel 300mg Astra Zeneca
Seroquel XR 50mg Astra Zeneca
Seroquel XR 200mg Astra Zeneca
Seroquel XR 300mg Astra Zeneca
Seroquel XR 400mg Astra Zeneca
Sibelium 5mg Janssen-Cilag
Simponi 50 mg Jannsen Biologics
Simulect 20 mg Novartis
Sinecod Depo 50mg Novartis
Sinecod Syrup 7,5mg/5ml Novartis
Sinemet 25mg/250mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Singulair 4mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Singulair 5mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Singulair 10mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Singulair Pediatric 4mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Sin-Mont 10mg Pharmactive
Sin-Mont 4mg Pharmactive
Sin-Mont 5mg Pharmactive
Sinopryl 5mg Zentiva
Sinopryl 10mg Zentiva
Sinopryl 20mg Zentiva
Sinoretik 20mg/12,5mg Zentiva
Sinoretik Forte 20mg/25mg Zentiva
Sirdalud 2mg Novartis
Sirdalud MR 6mg Novartis
Skinoren Cream 0.2 Intendis
Solfesire 10mg Pharmactive
Solfesire 5mg Pharmactive
Solian 200mg Sanofi Winthrop
Solian 400mg Sanofi Winthrop
Solian 100mg/ml Sanofi Winthrop
Sovaldi 400mg Gilead
Spiriva 18mcg Boehringer Ingelheim
Sprycel 20mg Bristol-Myers Squibb
Sprycel 50mg Bristol-Myers Squibb
Sprycel 70mg Bristol-Myers Squibb
Stalevo 50/12.5/200 mg Novartis
Stalevo 100/25/200 mg Novartis
Stalevo 150/37.5/200 mg Novartis
Starlix 120mg Novartis
Stelara SC 45mg/0,5ml Janssen-Cilag
Stelara SC 90mg/1ml Janssen-Cilag
Stivarga 40mg Bayer
Stocrin 600mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Strattera 10mg Lilly
Strattera 18mg Lilly
Strattera 25mg Lilly
Strattera 40mg Lilly
Strattera 60mg Lilly
Stribild 150mg/300mg/150mg/200mg Patheon
Sulpir 50mg Sanofi Aventis
Sunvepra 100mg Catalent
Supravit Pediatric Bayer
Suprax 100 mg Ferring
Suprax 400 mg Ferring
Suprax 100 mg Ferring
Suprax-DT 400 mg Ferring
Surgam 300mg Sanofi Aventis
Surgam Retard 300mg Sanofi Aventis
Sutent 12.5mg Pfizer
Sutent 25mg Pfizer
Sutent 50mg Pfizer
Symbicort Pediatric Turbuhaler 80 /4,5mcg Astra Zeneca
Symbicort Forte Turbuhaler 320/9mcg Astra Zeneca
Symbicort Turbuhaler 160/4,5mcgg Astra Zeneca
Synvisc 8mg/ml Genzyme
Tafinlar 50mg GlaxoSmithKline
Tafinlar 75mg GlaxoSmithKline
Talcid 500mg Bayer
Talcid 500mg/5ml Bayer
Talcid Forte 1000mg Bayer
Tamprost MR 0,4mg Zentiva
Tarceva 100mg Roche
Tarceva 150mg Roche
Tarka 180mg/2mg Abbott
Tarka Forte 240mg/4mg Abbott
Tasigna 200 mg Novartis
Tavanic 500mg Sanofi Aventis
Tavegyl 0.5 mg/5 ml Novartis
Tavegyl 1 mg Novartis
Taxol 100mg/17ml Corden Pharma
Taxol 30mg/5ml Corden Pharma
Taxotere 20 mg/ml Sanofi Aventis
Taxotere 80mg/ml Sanofi Aventis
Tears Naturale Free 0,8 ml Alcon
Tears Naturale II 15ml Alcon
Tegretol 100 mg/ 5 ml Novartis
Tegretol 200mg Novartis
Tegretol CR 200mg Novartis
Tegretol CR 400mg Novartis
Temodal 5mg Schering-Plough
Temodal 20mg Schering-Plough
Temodal 100mg Schering-Plough
Temodal 250mg Schering-Plough
Tenoretic 100/25mg Astra Zeneca
Tenoretic 50/12.5mg Astra Zeneca
Tensinor 50mg Astra Zeneca
Tensinor 100mg Astra Zeneca
Teragrip 650mg/10mg/4mg Pharmactive
Theraflu Forte 650 mg Novartis
Thiospa 4mg Zentiva
Thiospa IM 4mg/2ml Zentiva
Thiospa Ointment 0.0025 Zentiva
Thromboreductin 0,5mg Haupt Pharma
Timoptic XE 0.005 Merck Sharp&Dohme
Tirecort Cream %2/%0,1 Pharmactive
Tiromel 25mcg Abdi İbrahim
Tobradex 5 ml Alcon
Tobrex 0.003 Alcon
Tofranil 25mg Assos
Tolvon 10mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Tolvon 30mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Topamax 25mg Janssen-Cilag
Topamax 50mg Janssen-Cilag
Topamax 100mg Janssen-Cilag
Topamax 200mg Janssen-Cilag
Topamax Sprinkle 15mg Janssen-Cilag
Toviaz 4mg Pfizer
Toviaz 8mg Pfizer
Trajenta 5 mg Boehringer ingelheim
Transamine 500mg Actavis
Transamine 250mg/2,5ml Actavis
Transamine 250mg/5ml Actavis
Travatan 0.00004 Alcon
Travogen 0.01 Bayer
Travogen Cream 0.01 Bayer
Trental CR 600 mg Sanofi Aventis
Triflucan 2 mg / ml Pfizer
Triflucan 200mg Pfizer
Triflucan 50 mg/ 10 ml Pfizer
Trileptal 150mg Novartis
Trileptal 300mg Novartis
Trileptal 600mg Novartis
Trivastal Retard 50mg Servier
Truvada 200 mg / 245 mg Gilead
Tygacil 50 mg Pfizer
Tykerb 250mg GlaxoSmithKline
Ultravist 300 mgI/ml, 50 ml Bayer Schering
Ultravist 300 mgI/ml, 100 ml Bayer Schering
Ultravist 370 mgI/ml, 50 ml Bayer Schering
Ultravist 370 mgI/ml, 100 ml Bayer Schering
Ultravist 370 mgI/ml, 200 ml Bayer Schering
Ursactive 250mg Pharmactive
Ursofalk 250 mg Dr.Falk Pharma
Vagifem 25mcg Novo-Nordisk
Valcyte 450mg Roche
Valtrex 500mg GlaxoSmithKline
Valtrex 1000mg GlaxoSmithKline
Vastarel 20 mg Servier
Vastarel MR 35 mg Servier
Vectavir 0.01 Novartis
Vectibix 20 mg/ml Amgen
Velcade 3.5mg Janssen-Cilag
Venladep XR 150mg Ilko Ilac
Venladep XR 37,5mg Ilko Ilac
Venladep XR 75mg Ilko Ilac
Venofer 100mg/ml(5 ml) Vifor
Venoruton Forte 500mg Novartis
Ventavis 10mcg/2ml Berlimed
Ventolin Inhaler 100mcg GlaxoSmithKline
Ventolin Nebules 2,5mg/2,5ml GlaxoSmithKline
Ventolin Syrup 2mg/5ml GlaxoSmithKline
Vent-O-Sal 100mcg Bilim
Vesicare 10mg Astellas
Vesicare 5mg Astellas
Vfend 200 mg Pfizer
Vfend IV 200 mg Pfizer
Viagra 25mg Pfizer
Viagra 50mg Pfizer
Viagra 100mg Pfizer
Victrelis 200mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Vidaza SC 100mg Ben Venue Laboratories
Viekirax 12,5mg/75mg/50mg Fournier Laboratories
Vigamox 0.005 Alcon
Vigaroo 100mg Pharmactive
Vigaroo 50mg Pharmactive
Viramune 200mg Boehringer ingelheim
Viread 245mg Gilead
Viscotears Gel 0.002 Alcon
Visken 5mg Novartis
Visudrop %0,1 + %0,2 (0,5ml) Visufarma
Visudyne 15 mg Jhp Pharmaceuticals
Voltaren 75 mg/3 ml Novartis
Voltaren 25mg Novartis
Voltaren 50mg Novartis
Voltaren 100mg Novartis
Voltaren Emulgel 0.01 Novartis
Voltaren Ophta 0.001 alcon
Voltaren Retard 100mg Novartis
Voltaren SR 75mg Novartis
Votrient 200mg GlaxoSmithKline
Votrient 400mg GlaxoSmithKline
Wansaar 160mg Pharmactive
Wansaar 320mg Pharmactive
Wansaar 80mg Pharmactive
Wansaar Plus 160mg/12,5mg Pharmactive
Wansaar Plus 160mg/25mg Pharmactive
Wansaar Plus 320mg/12,5mg Pharmactive
Wansaar Plus 320mg/25mg Pharmactive
Wansaar Plus 80mg/12,5mg Pharmactive
Xalacom 1.5/150mcg Pfizer
Xalatan 0.00005 Pfizer
Xalkori 200mg Pfizer
Xalkori 250mg Pfizer
Xarelto 10mg Bayer
Xarelto 15mg Bayer
Xarelto 20mg Bayer
Xatral XL 10mg Sanofi Aventis
Xeloda 500mg Roche
Xeloda 150mg Roche
Xeltabin 150mg Intas Pharmaceuticals
Xeltabin 500mg Intas Pharmaceuticals
Xenical 120mg Roche
Xeplion 100mg/1ml Jannsen Pharmaceutica
Xeplion 150mg/1,5ml Jannsen Pharmaceutica
Xeplion 50mg/0,5ml Jannsen Pharmaceutica
Xeplion 75mg/0,75ml Jannsen Pharmaceutica
Xetanor 20mg Actavis
Xetanor 30 mg Actavis
Xolair 150mg Novartis
Yasmin 3/0.03mg Bayer Schering
Yazz 3mg/0.02mg Bayer Schering
Yervoy 50mg/10ml Baxter
Yervoy 200mg/40ml Baxter
Yomesan 500mg Bayer
Yondelis 1mg Baxter Oncology GmbH
Zaditen 0.00025 Thea
Zaditen 1mg/ml Novartis
Zaditen 1mg Novartis
Zaditen 1mg/5ml Novartis
Zaditen SRO 2mg Novartis
Zantac 150mg/10ml GlaxoSmithKline
Zeffix 100mg GlaxoSmithKline
Zelboraf 240mg Roche
Zeldox 20mg Pfizer
Zeldox 40mg Pfizer
Zeldox 60mg Pfizer
Zeldox 80mg Pfizer
Zemplar 5 mcg/ml 1 ml Hospira
Zemplar 1 mcg Catalent
Zemplar 5 mcg/ml 2 ml Hospira
Zilcef 500mg Ilko Ilac
Zilcef 250mg/5ml Ilko Ilac
Zinnat 125 mg/5 ml GlaxoSmithKline
Zinnat 250mg GlaxoSmithKline
Zinnat 500mg GlaxoSmithKline
Zinnat IM/IV 750 mg GlaxoSmithKline
Zitromax 200mg/5ml Pfizer
Zitromax 200mg/5ml Pfizer
Zitromax 500 mg Pfizer
Zitrotek 500 mg Pfizer
Zocor 10mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Zocor 20mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Zocor Fort 40mg Merck Sharp&Dohme
Zofran Zydis 4mg GlaxoSmithKline
Zofran Zydis 8mg GlaxoSmithKline
Zoladex Depot SC 3.6mg Astra Zeneca
Zoladex LA Depot 10.8mg Astra Zeneca
Zometa 4mg/5ml Novartis
Zomig 2.5mg Astra Zeneca
Zovirax Cream 0.05 GlaxoSmithKline
Zovirax Fort Syrup 400 mg/5 ml GlaxoSmithKline
Zyprexa 10mg Lilly
Zyprexa 5mg Lilly
Zyprexa Velotab 10mg Lilly
Zyprexa Velotab 5mg Lilly
Zyprexa Velotab 15mg Lilly
Zyprexa Velotab 20mg Lilly
Zyrtec 10mg UCB Pharma
Zyrtec 5mg/5ml UCB Pharma
Zytiga 250 mg Patheon
Zyvoxid 600 mg Pfizer


The wholesale prices of medicinal products are presented in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No.416 “Procedures Regarding the Distribution and Quality Control of Medicinal Products”.