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Life-saving drugs

Medical Source Pharma also specialises in supplying life-saving drugs which are either on high demand, are not registered in particular countries or are in a shortage. These pharmaceuticals are commonly used for treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, cancer, hepatitis C and many other ailments.

Our main priorities are:
- Fastest express delivery
- Competitive pricing
- Reliable source of products

These products are supplied to wholesalers, hospitals, clinics and doctors with the appropriate authorisation and prescriptions. In addition, if necessary, within the realm of possibility, we are able to provide the Certificate of Analysis and Origin. Please see a short example list of the most popular life-saving drugs in the table below; however, if you require a product which is not listed, feel free to Contact us:


Product name Manufacturer
Harvoni 90mg/400mg Harvoni
Imnovid 1mg Celgene
Imnovid 2mg Celgene
Imnovid 3mg Celgene
Imnovid 4mg Celgene
Defibrotide 200mg Gentium Spa
Epclusa 100mg/400mg Gilead
Erivedge 150mg Roche
Imbruvica 140mg Janssen Cilag
Revlimid 2.5mg caps Celgene
Revlimid 5mg caps Celgene
Revlimid 7.5mg caps Celgene
Revlimid 10mg caps Celgene
Revlimid 15mg caps Celgene
Revlimid 20mg caps Celgene
Revlimid 25mg caps Celgene
Tasigna 150mg Novartis
Tasigna 200mg Novartis
Sovaldi 400mg Gilead
Valcyte 450mg tab. Roche
Adempas 2,5mg tab. Bayer
Afinitor 5mg tab. Novartis
Afinitor 10mg tab. Novartis
Cometriq caps 20mg+80mg Exelixis
Esbriet caps 267mg Roche
Glivec 400mg tab. Novartis
Nexavar 200mg tab. Bayer
Ofev caps 150mg. Boehringer
Olysio caps 150mg Janssen Cilag
Opsumit tab. 10mg Actelion
Sprycel 50mg tab Bristol Myers
Sprycel 70mg tab. Bristol Myers
Stivarga 40mg tab. Bayer
Sutent caps 25mg Pfizer
Sutent caps 50mg Pfizer
Viekirax tab.obd.12.5/75/50mg Abbvie
Volibris 5mg Tab. Glaxo
Volibris 10mg Tab. Glaxo
Votrient 200mg tab. Glaxo
Votrient 400mg tab. Glaxo
Xalkori 250mg caps Pfizer
Zykadia 150mg caps Novartis
Zytiga 250mg caps Janssen Cilag