Medical Source Pharma – a reliable pharmaceutical wholesaler
The aim of Medical Source Pharma Ltd. is to provide customers with the highest quality products along with a reliable service and precise timing
We cooperate with the leaders in the field of delivery who can ensure only top- quality shipments
We are open to offers on trading of medication and medical devices as well as ensuring their distribution within local and foreign markets
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Medical Source Pharma


Medical Source Pharma is a certified pharmaceutical wholesale company located in Lithuania. We provide high quality pharmaceutical product shipments to our customers worldwide. Our portfolio contains more than 10 000 prescription and non-prescription pharmaceutical product names. Additionally, Medical Source Pharma offers life-saving drugs, OTC products, medical devices, milk powders and cosmetics.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who are able to provide an excellent service and prompt support in ensuring the delivery of pharmaceuticals to our customers. We have partnered with manufacturers of medicinal products, international pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and, in some cases, also patients.

Our vision is to be a trustworthy, open-minded, precise and customer-focused pharmaceutical wholesaler taking the leading position in the trade of medicinal products. We strive to be accessible to anyone who needs help in receiving pharmaceuticals.

In accordance with current legislation, Medical Source Pharma has been certified by the State Medicines Control Agency of Lithuania and our operations are controlled by the Health Inspectorate of Lithuania.